Work with Jim 1-on-1

Want to skip webinars and courses and fast-forward your journey to an unfair advantage in your business?

You probably think, “My business is totally different than my competitors, I don’t know if it will work for me.”

Jim has worked with 64 business owners 1-on-1 which now make 7 and 8 figures with their businesses.

What type of industries?

Car insurance companies from the insurance industry, a personal trainer from the fitness industry, a sunglasses brand from the e-commerce industry, a public speaker from the influencer world, specialists from the e-learning industry, real estate companies from the real estate industry and much more…

There is no unique business because human psychology is the same. Jim has hacked the neuropathways of human purchase behavior and he helped many businesses crack the code to market their business to 8 figure level.


Jim works with 7 businesses 1-on-1 a month, so the seats are limited.

To make sure you are a right fit, get on a call with our team so we can learn more about your business.

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Together with Jim you’ll deep dive into scaling your business.

This will include Jim doing these following for you business:

  • Crafting your high ticket offers.
  • Building a high converting funnel.
  • Building a webinar funnel for your product & service.

The goal of this done for your program is not only to bring you in more leads and sales in the short term but also give you the clarity, guidance, tools, and skills needed for your long-term success. 

Who the Hell is Jim?

  • 10 in years of experience in running ads on 14 platfoms with $6,000,000 in ad spend.
  • Generated over $19,000,000+ in revenue for his clients over the years.
  • Holds Master’s Degree in Marketing and e-Commerce.
  • Holds Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.
  • Holds 24 certificates from various platforms such as: Snapchat, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Taboola, Outbrain, Microsoft Bing and Linkedin.
  • Built multiple 7 figure businesses with paid ads without any organic following.