Advanced Social Media Growth


Want to grow your organic following?

Want to see sales pile up without any marketing spend?

Maybe you watched some videos on Youtube and they told you “You have to spend money to get traffic!”.

They are wrong!

I developed this crash course to save you from the rabbit hole.

You will learn how to drive sales and following with advanced strategies your competitors do not know.

I gathered what you need to for every platform.

Roll up your sleeves, get your pen and paper. You are about to BLOW UP your following and see the sales come in effortlessly.

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This course is for business owners who want to skyrocket their organic following and generate sales and leads without paying for ads and SEO.

  • Facebook: You are guaranteed to 21X your Facebook Business Page followers in 92 days by following these techniques explained in this module.
  • TikTok: You are presented the secret algorithm of TikTok and the hidden things that make your videos show up on people’s for you page. Using the instructions in this video guarantees 50k followers in 30 days.
  • Instagram: This forbidden strategy takes effort and time, however, given 80 days you are guaranteed to gain 5,000 to 25,000 potential customers and followers on Instagram.
  • LinkedIn: 257 Students have achieved to gain 50,000 followers on Linkedin with this new formula. 88 Students tripled their followers on Linkedin in 21 days.
  • Twitter: This growth strategy is considered “madness” by many advertisers. But many of my students gained over 100,000 followers on niches like fitness, crypto, business and public speaking.
  • Pinterest: The strategies explain you how to rapidly grow your Pinterest account where the users tend to have 80% bigger shopping carts than any other social platform users.

69 reviews for Advanced Social Media Growth

  1. Harrison Jason Baltimore (verified owner)

    Warm and inviting course and explanation. valuable insight and key takeaways – definitely recommend for those looking to build their social media knowledge or gain inspiration for future activity for small business owners

  2. Kelly R. (verified owner)

    I got this for my cookie store, there are definitely some crazy good information for Tiktok. I knew most of it for Facebook groups and Instagram, but Linkedin and Tiktok sections were eye opening. Worth the price? The best spent $4 of my life ahah!

  3. Patty Mills (verified owner)

    I was connected with Jim on Instagram and later learned about his course. He isn’t into self-promotion and that’s refreshing, especially given the quality of this coruse. I was barely 20% into the course and was kicking myself for “you should have thought of that” or “you know that!”. But, it’s difficult when you are trying to design a class. This course was very well designed, it was easy to follow and the course creator gives enough guidance that you still find yourself being creative and making your class your own. It’s phenomenal! I would have paid more for it because I feel like my students have benefited from a better version and approach than what I would have given without this resource.

  4. Kerr Mason (verified owner)

    Good course. But you have to be somewhat alreay good at producing content on social media. This is a little too much for beginners.

  5. Ali H. (verified owner)

    Nice course. I also took the bundle Zero to Hero digital marketing. I am a person that invests in courses a lot to get better at my business (ecommerce store) so this really helped me to drive customers organically thru social media and with paid ads. Really helped me.

  6. Ashley (verified owner)

    Thanks Jim!

  7. Harry Mack Clarkson (verified owner)

    This course over delivered! I took a ton of notes and will definitely be watching it again. I plan to share a few videos for some friendpreneurs and clients. I really appreciate this course. I’m excited to use the insights to provide value more strategically and create incredible bonds with my audience. Get this course! Trust me. I gave 4 stars because it is very technical and not too much design elements are given or recommended.

  8. Usain Hamesh (verified owner)

    Very cheap for its value. Hard to find this type of information on Youtube or Udemy. 5 stars from me. Peace!

  9. Dany KERR (verified owner)

    I bought it after seeing an ad on Youtube. I haven’t heard of this guy before, looks young, great potential and the information definitely over delivered. We will see this guy in the future way more!

  10. Luna (verified owner)

    Not bad…

  11. Hassan Marry (verified owner)

    “Gurus” charge $999 for this type of valuable information. If you are looking for cookie cutter post this that type of information this is not for you. This very technical, when to post(exact hours), some strategies are very advanced, specifically the TikTok tip blew one video to 2m views on my account. Crazy how it works.

  12. Andrew Toddener (verified owner)

    Good tips. Cheap course!

  13. Andrew Toddener (verified owner)

    Definitely spectacular, gonna watch it again next week. Critical for small business owners, not to spend ton of money on ads.

  14. Jim (store manager)

    Freaking amazing

  15. Juan (verified owner)

    Recently just completed this course, freaking amazing.

  16. Terry (verified owner)

    Recently finished!

  17. Anonimous (verified owner)

    If you loved this get the Zero to Hero Digital Marketing, it’s even better

  18. Becker Alex (verified owner)

    Love this course. Was exactly what I was looking for because I know all the cookie cutter information and tips on social media, I was looking for advanced tips and tricks and this is actually what i need and indeed this is what I found.

  19. Tina (verified owner)


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