Advanced Social Media Growth Blueprint

Want to Grow Your Business Organically?

But don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on EXPENSIVE ads?

Don’t want to spend hundrads of hours on SEO and building backlinks?

This course is specifically designed for you!

Advanced Social Media Organic Growth Blueprint guarantees to 21X the number of followers you have on social media.


You can watch sales and leads flow to your business without paying a cent.

I don’t want you to get lost in the YouTube RABBIT HOLE.

This course will you save shit ton of time.

Easy to follow daily tasks will you get you the dream following.

Then comes the sales, leads and brand deals.

How Am I So Sure?

I used these techniques to grow my business that I sold 8 months ago.

The strategies in the course got my previous business at these numbers:

  • Instagram to 312k followers
  • Facebook to 20k followers
  • Linkedin to 101k followers
  • Pinterest to 3k followers
  • Twitter to 250k followers
  • Tiktok to 1M followers.

Not just my business…

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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives

  • Crack the code of the Facebook algorithm and leverage Facebook groups to gain followers and skyrocket social connections.
  • Know exactly when to post and which groups to share.
  • Know the Facebook groups’ structures and how to engage in the groups in 2022.
  • Know the exact number of posts you should post a day to get noticed by the algorithm.
  • Know exactly when to post.
  • Know what is pushed by the platform to the “For You” page.
  • Know when to switch to a business profile from a personal one.
  • Know exactly when to post to maximize engagement.
  • Know the exact strategy to quadriple your followers in your niche and keep the followers you gain.
  • Know the top performing hashtags for each post for the specific content type.
  • Crack the code of the LinkedIn algorithm.
  • Know the exact titles for your posts specific for your niche based on the studies.
  • Know the exact time to post for optimal engagement.
  • Know the top performing content types on Linkedin for each industry.
  • Know the exact number of posts you need to post to go viral.
  • Know how to community manage to grow your audience.
  • Know the type of conent you need to produce to achieve the high quantity of Tweets you will post.
  • Know exactly when to post to maximize engagement on Pinterest.
  • Know the exact number of pins you need to post.
  • Know the board and pin structure you need to follow for maximize followers.

Who Should Not Take This Course?

  • Beginners.
  • Intermediates.
  • People who are new to social media.
  • People who doesn’t want to make money on social media.
  • People who are happy with the organic traffic they have.
  • People who are not trying to drive any sales or leads through social media.

For this course to make sense, you need to have a good understanding on how to use social media confidently.

You already need to be on social media producing content to make the most of it out of this Advanced Social Media Growth Blueprint Course.

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Who the Hell is Jim?

  • 10 in years of experience in running ads on 14 platfoms with $200,000,000 in ad spend.
  • Generated over $600,000,000+ in revenue for his clients over the years.
  • Holds Master’s Degree in Marketing and e-Commerce.
  • Holds Bachelor’s Degree in Economics.
  • Holds 24 certificates from various platforms such as: Snapchat, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Taboola, Outbrain, Microsoft Bing and Linkedin.
  • Built multiple 7 figure businesses with paid ads without any organic following.